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E1 生命更新營


E1 Life Renewal Camp

In the Banner family, we desire to see every member get to know more about our church. Through the exploration and cleansing of lives, we break the cages and limitations of our past. By the love of our heavenly Father, it restores your status as the children of God. Thus this Church arranged E1 Life Renewal Camp especially for you. We look forward to leading you to experiencing God’s almighty power and holiness, so that your lives will no longer be the same.

Course Content
Get to Know the Church, Explore Yourself, Life Cleansing, Receiving the Holy Spirit, Prophetic Ministry,  the Heart of Our Heavenly Father, the Spirit of An Orphan



Camp Speakers
Banner Church Senior Pastor Samuel Shaw, Pastor May Tsai, Pastor Lillan Juan, Pastor Chung, Debby, Pastor David Yeh



Camp Location

According to the location listed on the application form



Limit to adults over the age of 19 or college students. All those who are longing for lives renew can register



Camp Fee
According to the fee listed on the application form



Things to Bring

Text message received prior to the camp, the Bible (NIV), cup, personal medication, notebook, pen, cash, dress casually, personal tape recorder, MP3 (If you want to record  your personal prophetic prayer)




​全程參與者始頒發結業證書 (缺課2堂即無法結業);未結業者,下次報名須重新繳費。

Please Notice
1. Two days prior to camp, we will notify you with a text message, so please leave the phone on 
and avoid deleting it accidentally.
2. Transportation and accommodation are not provided. Please provide your own or ask cell group members to assist.
3. This camp does not accept children. Parents, please make your own arrangements.
4. Please register according to your cell group, and receive the course manual and name tag on the first day of registration.
5. Please read “E1 Pre-camp Reading Material” manual. Please submit the “signed certificate” (signed by the cell group leader) in the manual to indicate that you have read the material on the first day of camp.
6. The air conditioner is set to 22 degrees Celsius at the camp. Please bring extra clothing to keep yourself warm.
7. Certificate of Completion will be presented to participants who have attended all the sessions at the end of the camp (If you miss two or more sessions, you will not be able to receive the 
certificate). If you wish to attend E1 again, you will need to re-register and pay the fee again.

★ 溫馨提醒:當天未能參加者,除重大事故,原則上不退費也不保留至下屆,並請事後一週內完成申請。

★ Special Reminder: If you can not attend on the day of the camp, unless there is a major incident,

     the fee will not be refunded or applied to the next camp.

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