2020 November

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God's Wonderful Promises


There are many of God's promises in the Bible. They are the asset of our lives in Christ. In this series, let us get to know a few important and wonderful promises from the Bible. It will make our lives more abundant and wonderful!


11/08(日) 跨越攔阻,走進應許之地 Step across the Hindrance, and Step into the Promised Land

11/15(日) 神應許永恆的天家 The Eternal Heavenly Home from God's Promise

11/22(日) 關於給予的應許 The Promises about Giving

11/29(日) 勝過苦難的應許 The Promises that Overcome Afflictions

12/06(日) 擁抱不可思議的豐盛應許 Embrace Unbelievable Promise of Abundance 


A Blessed Church Life

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