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2020 MAY



Family is not only the foundation for our country and society but also the security of our happiness. Moreover, God has wonderful will in our marriage and family. In this series, let us work together to understand and rebuild everyone’s happy family.

幸福家庭攻略 Tips for A Happy Family

Anchor 1

05/10(日)  經營家庭不抓狂 Manage Your Family with Ease

05/17(日) 爸媽辛苦了 Way to go! Mom and Dad

05/24(日) 快樂單身族 Single and Happy

05/31(日) 高EQ家庭秘技 Tips for High EQ Family

06/07(日) 婚姻傷痛可治癒? Can the Wound in Marriage Be Healed?


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