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2019 MARCH



With the pandemic all over the world and unexpected accidents, we are facing so many uncertain crises in our life. To put on this is the responsibility and pressure that we cannot get away from or the disappointments and frustrations that we don't want to see. Does any of these have any meaning or hope for us? In this series, let us see this from the Bible on how God promises us that we can transform the crises and find the opportunities in our life.

​危機中充滿轉機 Opportunities in Crisis

Anchor 1

3/15(日) 你可以戰勝恐懼 You Can Overcome Your Fear

03/22(日) 讓神帶領,走過死蔭的幽谷 Let God Lead You Out of the Dark Valley

03/29(日) 不可動搖的內在生命 The Unshakable Inner Life

04/05(日) 危機中充滿轉機 Opportunities in the Midst of Crisis



The Greatest Commandment

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