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2020 JUNE

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In the ever-changing global situation, the pandemic is making it even more bothering. It has brought us many crises and sense of insecurity! What are the teachings or principles from the Bible for us to face the challenges and our circumstances? How can we not be defeated by our circumstances and turn it around to receive a blessed life?

如何在危機中逆轉勝? How to Turn Around in Crises?

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06/14(日) 危機中如何抓住神 How to Hold onto God in Crises?

06/21(日) 啟動人生新引擎 Starting the New Engine of Your Life

06/28(日) 逆轉勝的關鍵秘訣 The Secret to Turning it Around

07/05(日) 如何失而復得,重返榮耀? How to Retrieve and Return in Triumph?


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