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2020 JULY



Praying is an in-built behavior for human beings, and it implicitly shows that there is a God who listens to our prayers. In fact, the Bible tells us, prayers are not only our one-way monologue to our God, but it's also how He gets involved in our world and life. It yields a good and wonderful interaction. In this series, let us learn to receive God's blessing through our prayer!

如何向上帝禱告? How to Pray to God?

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07/12(日) 禱告, 打開神的耳朵 Prayers that Open God's Ears

07/19(日) 禱告, 與神同行的通關密語 Prayers, the Password to Walk with God

07/26(日) 禱告, 支取神的大能 Prayers to Receive the Power of God

08/02(日) 禱告, 打開祝福的天窗 Prayers that Open the Window of Blessing


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