2021 January



Breakthrough: A New Start

走過被疫情壟罩的2020,讓我們破繭而出,再次出發,靠著上帝的大能,開創新局! 迎向2021新的一年,宣告美好的未來正等著我們!

As we said goodbye to the pandemic-stricken 2020. Let's have a breakthrough and start all over again. We will depend on the power of God to make a fresh start! We proclaim that as we embrace 2021, a beautiful future is waiting for us!


1/10(日) 走出過去、破繭而出 Let Go to Have a Breakthrough

1/17(日) 擁抱真實的盼望 Embrace the True Hope

1/24(日) 對未來重燃熱情 Rekindle Your Passion for the Future

1/31(日) 恆久的平安 Keys to A New Start

2/07(日) 恆久的平安 Depend on the Power of God


Peace Be with You

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