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Experience a life of abundance at Banner Church. Banner Church is an active and joyful family. We are a fellowship of people who seek to grow in life, and with the love and grace of Christ Jesus, we learn to love and encourage one another. At the same time, we experience guidance, power, and blessings from God.

We welcome all people, regardless of political affiliation, social standing or financial status. Our focus is on the transformation of character and we emphasize and practice family values and pursue the fulfillment of the purpose for our lives. God is close to our heart and we trust in Him to resolve our problems in life. He is waiting to build a real and intimate relationship with you, and to give you boundless blessings!

We look forward to accompanying you on the journey of life, and letting the love of God be passed on to more and more people.

有別於嚴肅的教會,旌旗教會是一個活潑,充滿歡樂的大家庭,我們是一群追求生命成長的夥伴,因著耶穌基督的愛與恩典,我們學習彼此相愛,相互鼓勵, 同時也一起經歷上帝的引導、能力與祝福!歡迎你的加入,我們希望可以陪伴你,與你一同走人生的路程,也讓上帝的愛透過你我更多的傳出去。



1980 年起,中部地區一群不同學校之大學生基督徒成立了「假期之聲福音團」,專門在每年的寒假訓練裝備,而暑假期間則組織福音工作隊,協助鄉村教會作福音遍傳之事奉。這團體在 1990 年起轉型為「旌旗使命團」,除了持續寒暑假的學生短宣差派事工之外,也參與、協辦著中部地區超宗派的佈道會及各項特會。這整個團隊的宗旨是期盼看見台灣的歸主,並能積極參與普世的宣教工作。

1994 年的六月及八月,泰國的賽克牧師與新加坡的鄺健雄牧師分別來台舉辦建造教會與細胞小組的研習會,在參加過這些研習會之後,這團隊的同工大受激勵,感受到要看見團隊的異象成就似乎需要做一些調整。因為這樣,經過數月的尋求與禱告,他們決定結束使命團的服事,建立教會,沿用「旌旗」之名,成立旌旗教會。於是,從五個家庭,三位單身弟兄姊妹,共 13 位成人、 5 位兒童開始,『旌旗教會』在 1995 年 1 月 1 日恰逢主日當天正式誕生。

乘著小組教會的浪潮,旌旗教會揚帆啟航。第一次的主日歡慶在牧師的家中開始,來了 27 個人。經過 22年的時光,我們共搬了8次家,這中間經歷了許多挫折與成長、失望與興奮、眼淚與歡笑,然而更是充滿了神的恩典!目前台中教會每週末出席教會歡慶之人數約為5200人;植堂部分,旌旗迄今在台灣有20個分堂點,在海外27個分堂點,植堂堂點總人數約為2100人;我們知道有更榮耀的事在後頭,因為我們相信這殿後來的榮耀必大過先前的。

​Back in the early 80s, students from different colleges across mid-western part of Taiwan started a ministry called “Vacation Gospel Team.” This ministry equipped students in the winter and sent them off to support rural churches in the summer. Starting in the early 90s, this ministry evolved and began to focus not only on short term mission trips, but also on revival meetings and Christian conferences. As a result, they renamed themselves as “Banner Mission Team.” The purpose of this team was to see Christian revival in Taiwan as well as supporting global mission work.
In 1994, during the months of June and August, pastor of Hope of Bangkok in Thailand and pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church in Singapore came to Taiwan to host church planting and small group seminars respectively. After these seminars, the co-workers from Banner Mission Team were greatly moved and began to see the need of adjusting its vision. As a result, after several months of prayer and discernment, they decided to end their ministry and began to plant a new church, calling it as Banner Church. On January 1st, 1995, Banner Church was founded with five families, consisting of thirteen adults and five children. 
Riding on the wave of small group movement, Banner church began its new journey. The first worship service was held at the pastor’s home with 27 people in total. After 17 years, we moved six times and experienced many trials and growths, as well as disappointments and excitements. With tears and laughter, we knew all of these were God’s gift of grace. Currently, the weekly church attendance averages around 4550 people. We know something so much more glorious is yet to come because we believe the Lord’s promise “that the glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house.” (Haggai 2:9)


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