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勝過死亡的永生 The Eternal Life that Overcame Death


​When the churches all over the world are celebrating Easter, let us go deeper into understanding and experiencing the eternal life Jesus has given to us. How can we overcome suffering and death in the world and receive resurrection?! What are the hope and promises Jesus gives to us?!

2020 APRIL

Anchor 1

04/12(日) 永恆者帶來永恆生命 The Everlasting One Brings Eternal Life

04/19(日) 最好的消息:復活與永生!The Best News: Resurrection and Eternal Life!

04/26(日)​ 享受超越世界的生命 Enjoy the Life that's Beyond the World

05/03(日) 成為永生的見證人 Becoming the Witness of Eternal Life




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